Crawler Beadlock

Crawler Beadlock Truck Rims by Black Rhino

Wheel shown in 17x8.5 configuration*

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Crawler Beadlock MATTE BRONZE WITH BLACK LIP RING Beadlock Race WheelBlack Rhino Beadlock Wheels - Off Road Use Only

Crawler Beadlock

The Black Rhino Crawler Beadlock is our new beadlock wheel that will be sure to turn heads. It is a timeless solid five spoke style with a bold concave spoke profile constructed into an ultra rugged custom wheel. It’s a classic take on the five spoke design that is sure to perfectly complement any rugged style that define this brand and suits the most demanding styles of trucks. The Crawler Beadlock has unique dimensionality with these details combined with aggressive concave for our new beadlock range. Crawler Beadlock off-road race wheels are exclusively available in 17x8.5.

Black Rhino Beadlock Wheel Technical Guide (PDF)

*Pictured wheel shown is not representative of all size configurations. Center profile and lip depth will change in relation to vehicle specific fitment.

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